Saag Gosht

This is also known as Palak Gosht, Hara Gosht or Lamb Saag but what’s in a name? This is really just meat cooked in a delicious spinach gravy till it’s fall apart good.

2 pounds Lamb leg or shoulder with bone (can use mutton or beef)
Juice of one lemon

1 medium red onion sliced
5 cloves garlic sliced
1 inch stick ginger sliced
3 green chilies chopped
1 tsp each coriander, garam masala, chili and turmeric powder
2 bunches young spinach
1 cup water(add more if required)

Marinate the meat with salt, pepper and lemon juice preferably overnight. Saute the meat till golden brown. In another pan, saute the onions, add the ginger and garlic and then the chillies and fry till cooked. Add all the powdered spices. And mix. Then add the washed spinach. Cook till the spinach wilts and reduces in volume. When the spinach is cooked, remove the mixture, let it cool and then grind it. Return the ground spinach paste to the pan, turn on the heat and add a cup of water. Add the meat. Cover and cook for an hour stirring at intervals. Add salt and pepper to taste and some more water if required. Serve with rice or rotis!

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