Kids theme party: Wizard and Witches

Everyone has a witch or Wizard hat lying around. Ask your guests to dress their spookiest best!

Balloons - Plenty of balloons add a festive mood
Extra wizard or witch hats. Fake black cats. Piles of books with fake spider webs. Clear bottles of all sizes with fake potions.

Bat wings - Chicken wings in sauce
Magic potion - Have different colour juices and have the kids make their own brew.
Witches pizza - Make regular cheese pizza. Once baked, mix some dark food colouring with ketchup till it's a dark muddy brown black. Using a piping bag or a squirt both, pipe on some fake spiders.

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Witch relay
Get two halloween brooms. Line up the kids in two teams …each person has to run with the broom between their legs to a point and back. First team to complete wins.

Wizard Bingo - download wizard clip art. If you are not computer savvy, print off a bingo pattern and glue the clip art on it. Call out the pieces just like Bingo.

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Lootbags - Fill a bag with fun stuff - gummy frogs and spiders, magic trick cards etc.

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