Barley Stir fry

I wasn't intending to post this at all. There I was minding my own business resurrecting an old recipe I used to make for the kids when they were little, when like second nature, I leaned over to picture it. Instagram & Facebook later, the responses for the recipe were astounding. 
So here I am putting down what I don't even consider a recipe really, just something I've made a million times with interchangeable ingredients. Just for you. Enjoy.

Barley is one of my favorite things to make. I love it in a soup but I adore it cooked and sautéed in a stir fry instead of rice. It's crispy exterior when it's fried in contrast to the soft interior is spectacular. I'm going to share below the ingredients and the process, but remember this is very forgiving so you can certainly add and subtract as you like. Just remember to cut everything the same size


2 1/2 cups Pot Barley, soaked overnight and drained very well
1 potato diced in very small cubes
1 red onion finely chopped
3 – 4 sausages cut in small cubes
3 –4 rashers of bacon(I used Turkey) cut fine
1 green pepper cut into small dice
1 cup left over cooked chicken cut into small dice
2 cups fresh spinach roughly chopped
3 - 4 tbsps light soya sauce
Olive oil


In a large non stick sauté pan, heat some Olive oil and cook the potatoes first till golden brown

Add the onion and sauté till golden brown and follow with the sausage and bacon

Add the cooked chicken and green pepper

Cook for without stirring about 3 – 4 minutes at a time so the ingredients get a nice dark colour at the bottom

Depending on the size of your sauté pan, either take everything out to sauté the barley or make a well in the centre and let the barley caramelize a little bit

Mix together well and add the spinach which will wilt and cook in a few minutes

Add the soya, toss and serve!


  1. It's nice when you make a recipe over and over again and that your family likes it a lot.

  2. well. I've never had barley in a stir fried rice before! I'll have to check that out. Thanks Karen.