Kids Party Games

Bomb the city
Print out the names of cities and throw them all over the floor. Play some music … when the music stops each child steps on a city. Instead of just calling out the name of the city from a hat, i like to make it more like a clue "Like which city never sleeps" or "Which city is home to Disney World". The city that is bombed must be retired till there is only one city left.

The taste test
Divide the group into two teams and have them line up. One by one the kids get blindfolded and they have to taste something fed to them in a spoon. If they guess it right they get a point for their team. The team with the most points win. Sample items can be bits of cheese, chocolate, fruit, candy etc.

4 food groups
Similar to the old party game 4 corners. Create 4 printouts of posters with the 4 food groups. Kids dance to the music and when it stops they pick a corner. A food group is picked out of a hat all kids standing in that group are out of the game.

Clothes Relay
This game is tonnes of fun. Make two teams. In two large baskets or bags place identical articles of clothing, two hats, two shirts, two ties etc. Each team member comes up wears and dresses one person in their team who stands by the basket. The first person that is fully dressed first wins.

Rockstar Wars
If you want a game that keeps the kids out of your hair for a long period of time, this is it. Divide the kids into two groups or more. For each group you will need a boom box or an ipod or mp3 player. They have to select a song and perform it for judges.

Art Attack
Divide the kids into two groups or more. Give them a bunch of paint and paint brushes and artboard and let them design a masterpiece. the masterpiece must contain the name of the birthday child. Best painting wins

Witch relay
Get two halloween brooms. Line up the kids in two teams …each person has to run with the broom between their legs to a point and back. First team to complete wins.

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