Kids theme party: Top Chef

My youngest son loves to cook so this theme was very appropriate and the most fun ever. The idea was to get a bunch of kids together and have them make their own food.

Chefs hats - I found paper chefs hats that I just stapled together.
Aprons - I was lucky to find a tailor to make these for me but you could cut these out of inexpensive cloth and stitch ribbons for ties. Plastic white table cloths would work too.
Balloons - Plenty of balloons add a festive mood
Top Chef trophy- Buy one from a party supply store and decorate it as use it as part of the decor.
Food supplies- Like any well stocked chef's kitchen, use food and pantry items as part of the decor. I used groupings of fruit and vegetables all over the main table and groupings of condiments.

This is one party where these blend together. Prepare tomato sauce ahead of time. Have a ball of pizza dough ready for each child, a couple of rolling pins and flour to dust. Divide the kids into groups so so some roll first and some gather their toppings for the large food display and chop them. You will need 2 or more pizza try so you can cook as many pizzas together as possible.

While the kids are waiting … have them decorate prebaked cupcakes …

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The Cake:
Make a large cake that looks like a pizza, or a giant sugar cookie dough cake.

The taste test - divide the group into two teams and have them line up. One by one the kids get blindfolded and they have to taste something fed to them in a spoon. If they guess it right they get a point for their team. The team with the most points win. Sample items can be bits of cheese, chocolate, fruit, candy etc.

4 food groups - Similar to the old party game 4 corners. Create 4 printouts of posters with the 4 food groups. Kids dance to the music and when it stops they pick a corner. A food group is picked out of a hat all kids standing in that group are out of the game.

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Loot bags - Toys are just too boring for this party. Put together a simple dry cookie mix. You can find many recipes on the internet. Include instructions, sprinkles a cookie cutter and place in a nice bright colored party bag.

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