My adventures at George Brown culinary - Day 4

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Day 4 starts off as usual, me being the first one in the class the keener that I am. I had emailed Chef Klaus and explained my soup mishap at the end of the last class and it's effect on my notes and he graciously brought me a new clean copy. Fresh off my premier episode of Pressure Cooker where I battled three other contests to win, it gave Chef and myself enough exciting material to talk about. Before we talk about the class, I want to make note that I'm probably working with the worst slobs on the planet … every single chopping board felt slimy to the touch and the board I selected, actually had some chicken remnants on it … totally gross and I rewashed it.

I was really excited for today's demo and lab. Bolognese sauce and Lasagna served with a salad and garlic bread. Now it's not like I've never made Lasagna before, but it's really nice to make it the way the professionals do, aka the right way. We started off by browning the meat to form the base of the sauce and as the demo progressed we will filled with little tips and tricks of the trade.And it wasn't the salad, the sauce or even the Lasagna that got me as excited as the utterly delicious compound butter that was made with garlic and herb in a small food processor held together with an elastic band. You'd think this college would have the likes of Kitchen Aid and other large brands throwing their gadgets at the school for free as this is a great market for them. Marketers, if you're paying attention, get on this right away! And while we're at it, the demos really need larger pots, we had to split the Bolognese into two pots. Large baguettes were sliced in half horizontally, slathered in this green goodness and topped with cheese. I was already visualizing alternatives to this recipe that include shrimp, crab or lobster. #drool

While the demo lasagna hit the hot oven, we scurried away grabbing ingredients to start on our lab. We sliced and diced our way through the recipe, and prepped the Lasagna. Half way thorough we got to taste the salad, the garlic bread and the Lasagna and everything was delicious. Looking forward to next class!

Things I learned

Canadian Mozzarella typically is tasteless so it's better to use a Swiss, Gruyere or Buffalo Mozzarella instead.

If using fresh tomatoes, they must be boiled to remove the skins and then you have to add some additional beef stock as it doesn't have the same levels of liquid as canned tomatoes.

White Endives and Asparagus are crispier and are covered during the day from the sun in the farms to keep them white. When storing them at home they need to be covered as well.

Compound butters can be made ahead and frozen.

Basil bruises very easily, if using basil in a fresh presentation, chop it at the very end to keep it as green as possible

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