George Brown Culinary 1 - A journey through deliciousness

I decided to take the plunge, fork over the moolah and enroll myself at George Brown Culinary School to learn the tricks of the trade. This course consists of 12 weeks of deliciousness. Armed with my camera, I've documented my experiences, so you know what to expect should you decide to take this course for yourself.

Week 1 - Dressing the part - Walking the walk and making the stock

Like the first day at school, everyone is walking around like zombies not sure what to do. Week 1 is super easy, we learned how to make great stock. More importantly we collected our Chef's coat and hat that made us look super pro. Read More

Week 2 -  Budding artist at Salad stage

 A Salad is all about balance and texture. In this class we learned about different Salads and dressings. Read more

Week 3 - Getting Saucy and into a Soup!

This class will focus on a sauce demo, and you will get to make your own soup to take home! Caution: You do need a proper container to carry it home as the soup will still be hot. Read more

Week 4 - Going Italian - Lasagna and Garlic Bread

 To this day, I can remember the garlic bread I tasted that day. I remember already planning how to elevate that bread and make a video about it, and I did! You can find my video for Crab & Parsley Garlic bread here - We also learned how to make Compound butter and I made that too -  Read more

Week 5 -  Poached Trout, Duchesse and Marquis Potatoes
For me, poaching a fish leaves much to be desired, but I was blown away by the Duchesse and Marquis Potatoes. It's an old fashioned recipe that will wow a mordern day crowd! Read more

Week 6 - Crab Quiche!
This class will teach you how to make a wonderful pie crust and fill it with delicious ingredients. After the course I made this recipe myself - Read more 

Week 7 - Carbonnade a la Flammande
 Where there's fire, there's flavor, this week you will flambe and cook beef in beer - delish. Read more

Week 8 - Roast Chicken

 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. If you're roasted Chickens before like I have, you still have lots of great tips to pick up. Read more

Week 9 - Goulash
I'd never had a Hungarian Goulash before and wow is it delicious. It's also topped with sour cream and cornichons.. mmm Read more

Week 10 - Green curry Poached Chicken
I learned a few things at this class - I don't like poached Chicken and I really don't like store bought Thai Green curry paste. Read more

Week 11 - Stuffed Pork Chop

  This little piggy went to the neighbour. You will learn a great technique to stuff the chops. It's served with apple sauce that I'm not a fan of. Read more

Week 12 - Boneless Stuffed Lamb
This to me was a stellar recipe! Boneless lamb leg stuffed with goat's cheese and a mirepoix of veggies. I loved it so much, I prepared it for my Easter table - Read more



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