My adventures at George Brown Culinary Day 10

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This week at George Brown we're making poached chicken. I'm not a big fan of anything poached but I'm here to learn so I'll try anything. Today we're expecting a storm so we have a slim turnout however the ray of sunshine aka our instructor Chef Klaus has returned from Florida and is ready to show us how to make a curry. A Thai curry that is. If you've been following my blog/channel, you will know that I love experimenting with cuisines from all over the world. Recently I tried my hand at making a red Thai curry paste and it was amazing. 

 When I saw the green curry paste we got to use in class that came out of a box, I thought it was bird poop – one that had eaten a lot of grass! I will soon be experimenting with and making my own green curry paste.

We start with a basic lesson on how to debone a chicken breast. I've watched my mother do this a million times. I even posted a video about it however, I never seem to be able to do this quite as skillfully as her or Chef Klaus. Chef made a mushroom pilaf to go with our curried chicken breasts cooked with shallots, wine, lemongrass, green curry paste, cayenne and cream. I don't think I've quite taken to anything poached, but it was delicious.

Things I learned

When poaching chicken, cook at a gentle simmer, never at a rolling boil, it will make the meat tough

If using lemongrass just for flavouring, just hit it with the back of a knife to bruise it. This will enable the lemongrass to release its flavour and aroma much more easily.

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