Kesar Falooda over ice-cream: An absolute delight

A few weeks ago, my cousin affectionately referred to as cuzzy poo invited us over for dinner. For dessert she served this delectable concoction that she claimed came all ready to go in a box. I was determined to make my own version and thank her deeply for the inspiration.

Roasted vermicelli – Roasted is much thicker that regular that is too thin and tends to clumps together.
1/2 cup roasted vermicelli boiled in some water and drained.
1 can condensed milk
½ can regular milk
½ chopped nuts – almonds, cashews & pistachios
½ tsp ghee
Saffron strands – just a pinch.

Boil the roasted vermicelli and drain. Boil the milk and condensed milk together. Add the saffron strands, this will give you a wonderful light yellow color. Add the roasted vermicelli to this milk. In a pan heat the ghee and lightly sauté the nuts. Cool and add to the milk. The consistency should be thick but pourable. You can serve this warm or cold over vanilla ice cream. As a special garnish you can add a halved fresh fig, or drizzle some rose syrup.


  1. When does the vermicelli go in there? Do you add it to the milk or boil separately and add when serving?

  2. Sorry, that was a total boo boo ... thanks for catching that! I've updated the blog

  3. That cuzzy poo was moi - thanks doll!