Sweet Corn Crab Soup

Whenever I'm at a Chinese restaurant, it's always a toss up between ordering a Hot & Sour or a Sweet Corn Crab or Chicken soup. If we can't decide, we always order both and share it. If I'm making this at home, this soup will win hands down since it's much easier to make and uses mostly pantry staples so I can whip it together for the family in no time.

My mom has been making this for years and I followed suit, in fact I didn't even realize that I needed to write down the recipe till I needed to add this recipe to my channel.My personal fave is Crab, but you can easily make this with chicken or even leave it as is for a veggie option.


3 cups stock
400 ml creamed corn
1 cup crab meat
2 tsps light soya sauce
2 tsps chilli vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
1 beaten egg
Spring onion leaves to garnish


Bring the stock to a boil and add the creamed corn

Add the crab meat and stir

Season with 2 tsps each light soya sauce and chilli vinegar and salt and pepper to taste

Beat an egg and drizzle into the hot soup in a circular motion with the help of a fork to form egg ribbons

Garnish with spring onion leaves and serve

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