Top 10(11) subway rants and peeves

 I've had this hate trapped in my brain for so long, it's nice to be able to let it out ...

People that get on before riders have had a chance to get off.

People that block the doorways when the train is not at sardine capacity.

People with bad smells - BO, morning breath or the cloud of fried food and oh yeah .. Pot!

People that lean on the safety poles and don't care if you go flying across the car because you can't hang on.

People that clearly see pregnant, disabled or the elderly and look the other way.

People that stare at your computer screen or newspaper and read along.

People who do not have the decency to take off their backpacks.

People that have loud conversations about things you just don't care about -  if you want to be noticed, you must have something interesting to say or just shut the hell up.

People that place their belongings on the seat beside them and glare at you angrily because you have the audacity to want to sit down.

Romantic riders - get a room. There's a time and place for everything and the rocket just isn't it.

And finally ....and you may know this person - people that take random pics of subway funnies for their own entertainment!

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