Jerk Chicken Burgers

As part of a very special Burger collaboration, with my YouTube friends, I bring you a smoky Jerk Burger. This is the perfect crowd pleaser – ground Chicken is mixed with a smoky homemade Jerk marinade and studded with red pepper and thyme before grilling to perfection. I always prepare a special burger recipe for the summer and this year Jerk was on the top of my list. Prepare these ahead of time and freeze them.



6 tbsps Jerk marinade + additional 2 tbsps
4 lbs ground Chicken
3 tbsps Red Pepper confetti
3 tbsps Thyme
Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients together and weigh them to make 7 oz patties

Freeze atleast for an hour before grilling so they are nice and firm

Brush the burgers with the 2 tbsps of jerk marinade mixed with oil and grill for a few minutes on each side till cooked.

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