My adventures at George Brown Culinary 1 - Day 6

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I was really excited about class 6, and who wouldn't be excited about making a Crab Quiche? 

We started out talking about eggs, different kinds of eggs and storage. I never realized before that the shells of the eggs contain salmonella, that's one thing I will not be keeping open and exposed in my fridge again. 

We talked about asparagus and the difference between the produce between Ontario and elsewhere, how to trim the asparagus properly and how to bring it back to life when it's limp. Chef Klaus made an absolutely delicious Hollandaise sauce that I tried even though I have an aversion to anything 'eggy' but to my surprise it was ridiculously good and I went back for seconds!

 He showed us how to make pie pastry from scratch and then while it rested we were shooed off to prep our own. When we returned to the demo station, the dough was kneaded lightly, rolled and draped in a pie shell. But it wasn't enough to just take the rolled out dough, roll it over or rolling pins and carefully insert into the pie shell, Chef showed us some tricks to making it way easier. I will share that with you on an upcoming episode on my channel

While the pie filling baked, he prepared the filling – crab, butter, cheese … how could you go wrong? He put his pies in the oven for us to taste later while we got busy with our own works of art. Prepping this was way easier that I could have imagined and most of us were done in record time. While our pies went into the oven, we got to taste the quiche prepared by the Chef and boy were they delicious! 

My crab quiche was lovingly put into a box provided by the school and taken home to share with my family. Would I ever make this again? Absolutely!

Things I learned

When separating eggs, never move the liquid egg from one shell to another. The shells contain salmonella so you could transfer the salmonella into the liquid. Be sure to wash your hands.
Adding vinegar to boiling eggs does not make the shell break off easily, what it does is protect the water from any cracked eggs should the liquid leak out.
Best way to boil asparagus is to boil them bundled together in a food safe elastic band.
When you make pie pastry always add the cold water as per the recipe in one shot. If you add it slowly, you will overwork the dough.
Instead of cubing cold butter, grating works much better.
Fastest way to boil milk … look the other way! That's Chef Klaus's humour and really had us fooled!

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