My adventures at George Brown Culinary Day 12

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Week 12 makes me so sad, because this is our final Culinary 1 class. I will miss my Wednesday nights and the wisdom and generosity of Chef Klaus. I am ecstatic however to make a leg of Lamb with goat cheese and onions. To my delight, each one of us got an entire leg of Lamb to work on, and although I've make a Lamb leg roast before, this one is boneless and stuffed with Goat cheese! It's also served with a Mint sauce and Cauliflower Polonaise(what on earth is that)?

Chef Klaus quickly demos the mint sauce and gets it out of the way and works on the leg of Lamb. He butterflies the inside of the leg, lays it flat and seasons. Next he works on the delicious Goat cheese stuffing  and trusses the Lamb so it's a nice tight parcel before he offers it into a hot oven. He then explains what a Polonaise is – Cauliflower covered in a buttery breadcrumb and boiled egg mixture. Sounded intriguing and tasted pretty damn good. The French do know a thing or two about combining ingredients.

While the lamb cooks away for us to taste, we get started on our own Lamb legs. The only part I found hard was the trussing, it can take some getting used to. Chef sliced up the lamb and it was incredibly tender and delicious – I had seconds and thirds and took the leftovers home!

Later on I recreated this recipe and made a video -

Things I learned
Best way to boil eggs is to immerse eggs at room temperature in boiling hot water for 8 to 10 mins before shocking them in ice cold water
Steamed cauliflower is better than blanching as it loses it's nutrients
Lamb cook time – Medium 45 mins, Well done 90 mins

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