My adventures at George Brown Culinary 1 - Day 9

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Today is a really interesting class where we learn to make everything I've heard of but never ever tasted or made before – Goulash, Stroganoff & Spatzle. 

Chef Jean-Jacques really has his work cut out for him today with a mountain of veal and tenderloin needing some TLC. We start of with a demo of the Veal Goulash. This dish is prepared with the concept of cooking by extension which means the meat is allowed to lose it's flavour into the gravy by adding this when the liquid is reasonably cold. If you ask me to dumb it down, it's basically a soupy stew! 

Goulash comes from Hungary and its neighboring regions and was originally made using mutton. Neck and Shoulder are the best parts of meat to make a goulash and it is elevated with Hungarian paprika, caraway seeds and white wine. 

Goulash is typically served with Spatzle which is a very rustic pasta that took us quite a few gadgets to get it out. Once made, it really does compliment the stew very well and I will certainly give this a try at home.

Next we work on the Beef Stroganoff and it's also the lab for the day which means we better pay close attention. I always used to confuse a Stroganoff with a Bolognese and they couldn't be quite different. For one the meat used is tenderloin and it's cut in tiny strips, flash cooked, cooked with onions and mushrooms in a nice thick gravy and finished off with mustard, gherkins and sour cream. This when made fresh has a very unique flavour with the mustard and gherkins.

What I learned

Garlic popped into hot water makes it easier to peel
Marmite is a stock made from proteins, not bones
Vodka can also be used in a Stroganoff to enhance flavour

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