My Top 10 Kitchen Tools

Inspired by the Top 50 tools and gadgets on the Food Network Magazine lately, I've put together my Top 20 kitchen gadgets that I can't live without - Of course this excludes my Kitchen Aid, other blenders and grinders, weighing tools etc etc ... if i had to list all of those, it would be a top 100 list!

1. Banana slicer - For those of you that know me, I hate the thought, smell and feel of bananas, so for me, this is my no 1 gadget! I don't need to wrestle with a knife and a board, two to three easy clips and the entire banana is perfectly sliced.

2. The muddler - While most people only think of mojitos, this fantastic tool doubles as a cheesecake base packer. When I make mini cheesecakes(which I do often), I use this tool to pack down the crumb base and it's the perfect size!

3. The cake leveler - Made by Wilton, this is fantastic for leveling cakes and cutting them into layers.

4. The egg separator - Perfect for those egg white and yolk only recipes.

5. Garlic press - Perfect when I realize I need a small quantity of fresh garlic and I don't want to drag out my grinder.

6. Mezzaluna - I have a larger version to slice pizza, but the little one is perfect to chop herbs just the way you want it.

7.  Egg slicer - This one does slices and wedges!

8.  Egg timer - Place it in the middle of your eggs and boil away to perfection!

9. Cusinpro Icing bottle - Although I've never used this for icing, this is a fantastic tool for piping sauce, whipped cream, egg yolk in deviled eggs etc.

10. Mushroom slicer - Seriously saves time

11. Strawberry Slicer -  Seriously saves time

12. Pasta cutter - I've never made my own pasta to date, however, I've use this tool to cut strips of puff pastry and cookie dough and it works really well.

13. Flavour injector - Need I say more? Do not use on humans :)

14. Baby bottle and nipple cleaners - Never throw these away! Perfect to clean stuck on dirt in bottles and icing tips.

15. Coconut scraper - This is straight off the boat from India, we love coconut and they are readily available here in Canada.

16. Fancy cutter - Why cut straight when you can cut fancy? :)

17. Cupcake decorator - When I first bought this, I questioned when and if I would actually use it ... but when you're decorating individual cupcakes that are a little finicky, this really comes in handy.

18. Cupcake corer - Perfect to fill the core of your cupcake with something more delicious like chocolate, jam or candies!

19. Meat prongs - Perfect for beef and chicken ... why use a fork when you can make way more tiny incisions with this tool.

20. Lemon juicer - And last but not least, here's a free tool I acquired at Zellers, you pierce the lemon or any other citrus fruit and squeeze. All the juice flows out through the spout!

Next gadget on my must have list? Onion goggles!

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