Stuffed Crispy Pappadums with a Shrimp filling

Famous on the beaches of Goa in India, this unique snack is a crispy pappadum that is rolled to enclose a spicy shrimp filling.

You will need

24 papads
Shrimp filling
1 egg beated
Oil for frying

You will also need
A plate large enough to soak the papads
A board with planty of kitchen towel to try the papads off
A brush to brush on the egg
A platter with wax or parchment paper to store the prepared papads
A pan with a few tbsps of oil
Two spatulas to help you turn the papads easily

Soak the papad and flip over
Remove onto board and dry
Brush with egg wash
Add the filling in a line
Roll the papad sealing the edges
Add to the hot oil and cook the papad on all sides,
Serve immediately

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