My culinary adventures at George Brown Culinary 1 - Day 5

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Week 5 Class 5, wow time does fly when you're having fun! We started off this week with a good discussion about potatoes and storage. We watched in glee as Chef Klaus turned the humble potato into mashed potato and then elevated it into a Duchesse and Marquis potato. 
The Marquis potato gets my vote, it's filled with a simple but delicious Tomato concasse. As usual I'm already thinking of all the variations I will experiment with at home.

Next we start on the Rainbow Trout Vin Blanc. I'm not a huge fan of poached fish and I recently had to prepare Trout on the hit TV show, Jamie Oliver's Pressure Cooker where I prepared a Moroccan Trout Wellington under the creative and watchful eye of Stefano Faita. Chef Klaus showed us how to skin a fillet and it is a lot easier than it may seem! He prepped the fish, showed us how easy it is to thicken a sauce without bothering with a roux and we got to taste the fish together with the potatoes.

During lab time we prepped all of our ingredients, skinned the trout and the recipe was prepped and ready in no time for us to take home. 
The highlight of my day was bumping into Chuck Hughes, gate crashing an event and getting him to take a picture with me!

Things I learned

Freezing a tomato for a few minutes makes the skin really easy to take off

The easiest way to make a paper circle for cooking is to fold in half, roll into a cone like shape, measure and cut

The fat and skin of cold water fish like Salmon and Trout is too oily and not suitable to make a fish stock

When adding some Beurre manie to thicken a stock, put it in a sieve and then whisk it in the hot liquid. It prevents finding lumps of flour floating around

When boiling potatoes, start with cold water and bring to a rolling boil

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