Great New Years Eve Appetizers

Hosting a soiree? Here are 5 great appetizers to get everyone celebrating the year to come in style!

Lahori Fish Tacos
Combining the flavors of Pakistan & Mexico, you get one delicious party appetizer or snack! More 
Chicken Tikka Tarts

I love taking an existing recipe and turning it into something new! Everyone loves my delicious Chicken Tikka Masala, so I thought why not turn this into a delicious and hearty appetizer? More 
Chicken 65 Wontons

Who doesn't love Chicken 65? But convert this into a small crispy appetizer version and you have magic! More 
Shrimp & Crab on cucumber

A delicious spicy shrimp that sits atop a crab mayo on a crunchy English cucumber and topped with a coriander leaf. More 
Shrimp Pakoras 

Delicious Shrimp cooked in a batter bursting with flavor! More


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